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Growth Strategy Partners is a boutique advisory firm that is focussed on growth with particular emphasis on food, agribusiness, strategy and business development. Led by a high-energy, experienced and engaging director with the skills, capability and network to add value to your business. This is achieved cost effectively and expeditiously.

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Case Studies

Case Study 1

Business Turnaround SME – growth and clear focus needed.

Brief:  Once profitable business in rapid decline, failing to meet expectations, reposition for success.

The below approach was used to deliver a superior outcome:

  • Restructured the organisation. Ensured alignment to market needs. Reduced sales, general & administration expenses by 22%.
  • Transformed the customer experience. Re-energised the business.  Implemented operational improvements that focussed on value creation for customers.
  • Exceeded Expectations.  Strong focus on asset utilisation to optimise efficiency and capacity to grow the business, net working capital improved from 27% to 16%.  Significant first half loss transformed to an acceptable second half profit.

Case Study 2

Business Restructure large corporate.

Brief:  Global and regional performance below par.  Lift performance for acceptable returns.

The below approach was used to deliver a superior outcome:

  • Strategy. Aligned local strategy to ensure capability to deliver on global objectives.
  • Business Transformation. Initiated and conducted strategic reviews.  Laying the foundation for a significant restructure program, that  created sustainable business operating models delivering a 65% return in annually recurring benefits.
  • M&A. Articulated clear strategic and tactical priorities to invest and divest –  delivering sustainable returns.

Case Study 3

International Expansion – establishment of overseas trading entities

Brief.  Establish overseas entities to deliver expansion for growth in Japan and Korea

The below approach was used to deliver a superior outcome:

  • Strategy.   Clear and cogent business plan that senior leadership and business units were on board with.
  • New business. Leveraged customer relationships and market intelligence to create business opportunities across market sectors.  Matched market opportunities to capability to deliver.
  • Exceeded Expectations. Business self-funding within 6 months, revenue doubled within 3 years.

Case Study 4

International Expansion – export market establishment and growth from Australia

Brief:    Mature business in Australia – export for sustainable growth, optimise asset utilitisation and local market seasonality. 

The below approach was used to deliver a superior outcome:

  • Approach. Partnered with the senior leadership team to ensure manufacturing assets were optimally deployed to meet return and capital employed criteria.
  • Results driven. Repositioned the portfolio through innovation and customer focus.  Clearly defined market, product and mix opportunities.      EBIT turnaround, growth, reduced bad debts to zero.
  • Exceeded Expectations.  25% year on year growth.

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